Global Development Support (GDS) has conducted a funding landscape analysis for Africa, on behalf of a leader in pharmaceutical industry. This included an analysis of the current aid environment and donor landscape including the priorities, programmatic focus, geographical presence and funding priorities and distribution of donors (both traditional and non-traditional) and partners working across the region; identification of new aid/resource modalities and partnerships; and an analysis of global health initiatives on the continent dealing with promoting the quality of medicines.

Health Services in Africa

A four-member GDS team conducted an analysis of sixteen multinational donors, nine bilateral donors, six global health initiatives, 25 foundations, 29 pharmaceutical companies, four multinational companies, and three inter-governmental regional organizations. The primary source of information was the internet, industry contacts in different countries, and in some cases the team was able to draw on personal experience with a donor to fill out the narrative. Telephone calls were made to large donors.

We found that past patterns of donor support are an imperfect guide to forecast future priorities and funding levels. This is particularly true for the smaller donors or those that try to be responsive. Most donors have spent their health dollars on maternal, neonatal and child health and infectious diseases. Few donors have made a significant commitment to health system strengthening, and even fewer to ensuring the quality of drugs and the supply chain. While every donor is cautions against the perils of substandard medicines, few follow up with tangible support. Several pharmaceutical companies and foundations are directly involved in combating counterfeit and falsified medicine.

The findings suggest need for an un-blinkered assessment of any business development strategy and recognition that the funding plan will have to be updated continuously.

Global Development Support brings the expertise and tools to help you conduct donor landscape analysis and market assessment as well as responding to the market needs in global health services.