GDS takes an integrated approach to program management, combining people, processes and technology to create highly efficient operations to implement complex projects successfully and cost effective achieve results.

We use best practices and time tested techniques and principles to deliver the results within costs and schedules. Beginning with careful designing and planning with stakeholder participation our management systems are flexible and responsive to changing needs. Effective team work and building local institutions are central to our project management approach. Fundamental principles of our management approach are:

  • Result based management
  • Client–centered approach for efficient and timely response to client needs
  • Shared vision and expectations across the board
  • Scheduling tasks and milestones with appropriate allocation of time and resources
  • Right team and leadership with complementary skills and tools
  • Organizational culture of transparency fostering stronger stakeholder participation and responsibility sharing
  • Contract, grants, and sub-grants management
  • Ongoing monitoring and quality assurance surveillance
  • Built-in system for risk assessment, management, and problem solving
  • Open Communications with clear delineation of responsibilities and authorities,
  • Learning mechanism fostering organizational growth and development
  • Transferring skills for local institution building and sustainability