Some of our recent works include:

  1. Program Management – Provided technical assistance to a USAID funded project on adolescent reproductive health to address its management issues and improve performance. The work included establishing common understanding and shared vision among stakeholders, modifying implementation system to ensure timely achievement of targets/objectives, setting up project management and budget system that allows close monitoring of performance and financial expenses and streamlined the organizational structure to improve effectiveness and efficiency. Within 15 weeks the project was back on track and earned back USAID confidence.
  2. Supply Chain Management – Conducted facility assessment of reproductive health commodities and services in Mozambique. This included direct observation in 124 health facilities in ten provinces and the capital city of Maputo, checked the inventory management system, use of generic drugs, and determined the skills of store managers and service providers. Over 1,100 family planning clients were interviewed regarding their perceptions of the quality and adequacy of the services offered by the health facilities.
  3. Donor landscape analysis – Conducted donor landscape analyses for two non-profit US organizations. The works included an analysis of the funding priorities of different donors in the public sector, private sector, foundations, and multinational organizations around the world and the organizations’ technical expertise and mandate to determine the match. The results included detailed donor mapping and short- and long-term business development strategies.
  4. Market analysis Conducted market analyses for two US consulting firms to identify business opportunities in Asia. The work involved analyses of donor priorities and funding levels as well as country governments’ development strategies through meetings with donors and governments. These also included analyses of the competitions, their strengths and weaknesses and current portfolio. We also estimated the costs of operating offices and running business in select countries.
  5. Business development The work included an analysis of the business development and proposal preparation processes for several organizations and revising those for better successes. Provided support to several organizations to prepare bids including writing technical proposals and preparing cost proposals, organizing and negotiating partnerships and recruitment of staff.
  6. Grants management system – Analyzed sub-recipient monitoring and management policies and procedures of a USAID contractor, identified gaps and areas for improvement, and revised the procedures and policies to ensure compliance with federal regulations and improve sub-recipient monitoring and management.
  7. Training workshop on proposal writing – Conducted a workshop for 50 NGO representatives in Myanmar to develop localized planning and proposal preparation for donor funding. This highly successful workshop enabled several NGOs access donor funds.
  8. Facilitating workshop of partners to prepare response to solicitations – Facilitated a workshop in Kabul, Afghanistan, for a group of international and local organizations to prepare a proposal for USAID on Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, and Nutrition.